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Effective Piping Spool Protection Achieved

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Piping Spool Preservation Solution


August 2020


– Preservation Analysis
– Rust Prevention
– Integrated Solution
– Preservation Management


– Oil & Gas


Oil & gas shore terminal had frustrations with preservation of piping spools.

A shore base terminal for Australia’s Bass Strait oil & gas operations faced challenges with preservation of piping spools out in the weather. Without a reliable method to protect the spools from the harsh marine environment and no undercover storage, substantial costs were involved in reworking and replacing rust damaged spools.

The spools needed to be kept in pristine condition to ensure efficient installation on offshore rigs. Furthermore, the spools needed protection inside and out, so the terminal required an integrated protection solution to give assurance of a total protection.


An integrated preservation plan to protect the spools from corrosion.

The customer approached Daywalk for advice on how to effectively protect the piping spool flanges and internal faces from rust. For preserving the internal faces of the piping spool, a VCI vapour corrosion inhibitor desiccant was used which could be simply placed inside the spools and would emit VCI corrosion inhibiting molecules.

To protect the flanges, the customer used SKN45 Peelable Coating – a spray-on, peel-off rubberised coating, proven globally in oil & gas projects as a effective temporary rust barrier for bare metal surfaces.

The consumables provided all worked well for what we are completing and so far the client is happy.

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