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Find out why the Daywalk™ CamLock Strap is the New Game Changer in Warehouse Safety

CamLocks – a solution to the pain-point in warehouses around having to keep on cutting and re-strapping pallets. We have a massive number of pallets in our warehouse, and we are bound by warehouse procedures to strap every pallet that is on the racking.

Is there such a thing as re-usable strapping?
We use PET strap powered by battery tools. The pain-point that we have is that we do hundreds of pallet-picks every day, and in some of the faster moving product lines/SKU’s, a pallet can be taken down and put back up in to the racks between 5 and 15 times in a single shift. That means that the process as follows has to be repeated up to 15 times:

1. Use a forklift to take the pallet down from the racking to the ground
2. Cut the straps
3. Remove the correct number of pieces of the item from the pallet
4. Strap the pallet again (typically a minimum of 2 straps)
5. Use the forklift to reposition the pallet in to the racking
6. Repeat

Is there a solution? We are wasting so much time and money by cutting and re-strapping constantly.

Something that is heavy duty, please!

Industry has utilised the Hook and Loop strap, and this works well for light pallets – roughly up to 50kg load rating per strap.

The challenge is that most of our pallets weigh hundreds of kilograms: what solution is available to us?

Have a look at the CamLock strap:
– 50mm wide
– colour coded in different lengths –

  • yellow 3m

  • orange 5m

  • pink 7m

– 500kg load rating per strap
– After the initial threading, the strap can be tightened and loosened multiple times without unthreading the strap completely from the buckle
– Because of the re-useableness of the CamLock, they are extremely economical – a customer recently told his central coordinator that in three months the CamLocks would pay for themselves
– There is a hook and loop strap to tie up the loose tail

Case Study:

Aurizon had a pain-point in that they needed a safer method of ensuring that any contents that had worked themselves loose inside the shipping container would not fall out of the container when the doors were opened, potentially causing operator injury and product damage.

Solution to help control shipping container doors
Daywalk were approached for a solution so that there was a safety measure in place when the doors are opened that any loose items do not cause the door to fling open and injure personnel or damage product.

In consultation with Daywalk Aurizon trialled the concept of the CamLock strap; Daywalk customised the CamLock so that the length suited the application.

Help stop product tumbling out of containers
The CamLock was threaded around both vertical bars that control the door locks so that when the door is opened there is a safety measure in place and the door/s can only be opened a certain distance, and then they are stopped by the CamLock Strap.

The operator then assesses the situation of the cargo. When it is safe to do so, the CamLock is removed from around the two metal vertical bars and the container is then unloaded accordingly.

Massive safety improvement!

Challenge: Can CamLocks be used for transport of product? Or, are Camlocks only designed for storage in a warehouse?

Response: As a generalised answer, CamLocks are used more for restraint during storage rather than in transport. This is because a CamLock is designed to be a quick tighten and quick release system; if during transport a protruding object bumped the CamLock lever, it is possible that the strap might be loosened. Therefore, a ratchet type strap is more applicable for transport, while the CamLock is well suited to restrain of product being stored in a warehouse, laydown yard or other storage area.