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Five Benefits of Using Pallet Cages in A Warehouse

Pallets are among the most versatile tools one can have in a warehouse. Its functional design is often complemented by accessories pallet collars and pallet cages that transform the ordinary pallet into a storage container or a well-supported transport vessel. A pallet cage, in particular, is a multifunctional accessory to the pallet that has a lot of uses that are entirely applicable to warehouse purposes.


The pallet cage, also known as a stillage, is a tool specifically designed to help in the transport and storage of goods that for one reason or another may be compromised if transported or stored on a conventional pallet without any support from the likes of a stillage. A pallet cage also has additional features that the average pallet doesn’t have, like hinged doors and security locks.


There are benefits to using a pallet cage for a warehouse, and we’ve conveniently outlined them below.



Stillages offer peace of mind. Why? With increasing Chain of Responsibility and Safe Storage regulations, Omni-tuff’s Rated Cages allow you to store heavy goods compliantly. With different height sides, pallet cages ensure safe retaining of different shape or size goods; heavy duty steel sides are able to withstand prolonged force from heavy goods. No longer do you have to worry about goods falling off the racks or coming loose during transport.



Stillages are a cost-effective storage and transportation option because of their durability. They are often built from different materials. From wooden stillages to metal alloy versions, there are a good number of options to select from that’s suited to the level of durability that a warehouse manager or operator requires. Metal stillages are generally made of galvanised steel, which is rust-retardant, while wooden stillages are often built from hardwood. Plastic stillages are also available for items that only require light durability.



Stillages are the ideal container for transporting large amounts of goods that require stability, as stillages minimise the chances of products toppling or falling over. They’re easy to maneuver using forklifts, as most stillages are designed to attach to forklifts or pallet jacks. Storing and handling using a pallet cage also provides a level of security for the goods contained within the cage.



Stillages can be stacked, either with a pallet in between stack levels or without. This allows for the storage of goods of varying lengths and sizes. Stacking enables a warehouse to store more goods with less space, especially when using a pallet racking system to order the stacking, as well as allowing for creative storage of unusually-shaped goods.



Stillages, especially metal and plastic cages, are available in collapsible versions. There are also stillages that can be installed and dismantled quickly. Collapsible and easy-dismantling stillages make it easy to store them when they’re not in active use. This means that stillages only need to be assembled when needed, which frees up space and lessens unsightly clutter in a warehouse.


The best part about stillages is their functionality – they can be a one-size-fits-all option, or (with a little creativity) a customisable choice to suit specific needs. They’re sturdy, secure, and easy to manage. Invest in stillages for your warehouse today.


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