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tiger pallet cage zinc plated and half-fold gate feature

How to Choose the Right Pallet Cage

Pallet cages are designed to keep products in place that are difficult to store and transport safely on pallets alone. Its versatility is one of the reasons why it is used in a wide range of industries like warehouses and distribution centers. It provides a quick and effective way of moving or storing goods including produce and individually packed consumer and industrial products.

Most cages are well made and flexible that it can be configured to various heights. Ordering a customized cage according to individual requirements can also be available. A storage cage is one of the must-have equipment for distribution and storage application, short-term or long-term.

Qualities to look for:

1. Sturdy construction. Some cages are made out of highly durable steel which best suits for huge industrial equipment and products that need a bigger space. Galvanised steel cages prevent rust from destroying the material which makes it cost-efficient.

2. Stackability. Look for cages with stackable feet to allow for easy storage and transportation. To ensure that they can be moved without any hassle, make sure that the cage is pallet racking and forklift compatible. Having a consistent 4-way entry design ensures compatibility with all standard equipment.

3. Easy storing. Look for units that can be dismantled quickly to save space and provide cost-efficient transport. Having units where the cage sections are easily assembled and demounted also reduces the workload and risk to its workforce.

There are a few other specifications of pallet cages that are offered to further enhance its effectivity. Nonetheless, pallet cages are built in order to reduce cost and save space during transport and storage.

Daywalk offers a wide variety of steel cages including Tiger Pallet Cage Zinc Plated 1200mmH FLATPACK. It is made out of galvanised steel that best suits for huge industrial equipment and products that need a bigger space. It is a one bi-fold gate, allowing access to items inside the cage even when it is stacked. This pallet cage has a Positive Locking System which means it does not require any fixings to secure the pallet in place.

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