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What kinds of pallets can the pallet collar be used for?

There is a common industry theory that pallet collars can only be used for a specific brand of pallet.

In other words, if you use Omni-tuff pallet collars, you have to use Omni-tuff pallets as well.

However, in the warehousing and supply chain network, sometimes supervisors will find they have an overabundance of pallets, and manage to recycle and reuse where possible to save purchasing more. If this is your problem, then the Omni-tuff pallet collar is your friend.

That’s because it can fit with any standard Australian 1165 x 1165mm pallet. Its specialised locating corner brackets help it to slot over standard pallet with ease, effectively locking the collar over the pallet to form a secure wooden retaining method.


For safety in storage, we are heavily focused on pallet racking compatibility. While you may have a large stockpile of pallets, ensure they are at least:

⦁ Pallet racking compatible for optimum safety in racking
⦁ Secure – boards completely nailed in
⦁ Good condition – limited cracking

pallet collars

When it comes to rating the pallet collars, the pallet surprisingly plays a large part.

The Omni-tuff Pallet Collar is rated to 1.5T WLL, and this rating is only possible when using an Australian Standard Hardwood Pallet (PUT LINK HERE TO 13-PH1165), to give full integrity while the collar is on the pallet.

Again, it comes back to safer storage. The collar can be used on any 1165x1165mm standard pallet, but for optimum strength and safety in pallet racking, we suggest you use it with a pallet racking compatible hardwood or pine pallet, in good condition.

For more information on our pallet collar range, visit here https://daywalk.com/pallet-collars/.