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Mega-Miner Cages Implementation



2019/ 2020


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Existing timber storage pallets unsafe and not compliant

The demands of mining requires many warehouse operations to keep up with operational targets, therefore rendering some warehouses unsafe. Many heavy industry companies use pallet racking which consequently support timber pallets with components strapped to them.

Firstly, this method of storage can be both unsafe due to pallets breaking, e.g. timber snaps and the pallet is unusable.

Secondly, re-strapping is required each time something is needed from a pallet i.e. you pay more each time you use the pallets.

Lastly, timber pallets require replacement within weeks sometimes which jacks up the ongoing operational costs.

Besides all of these risk factors, these significant challenges call for a heavy-duty storage solution that can make the warehouse safer.

Daywalk case color
timber pallets can carry loads but with weight limitations

Now they have Steel Cages that revolutionise warehouse safety

Recently, to meet the customer’s need, DAYWALK collaborated, manufactured and delivered steel cages for this mega-miner’s large warehousing operation. Additionally, DAYWALK’s best-in-class International Cage, the customer could safely store heavy components, improving safety and effectiveness. With DAYWALK’s steel cages & stillages, the customer has access to best-in-class features and benefits.

Features and benefits include:

Firstly, unmatched 1.2T rating stacked 4 high.

Secondly, easy stacking and nesting design, ensuring greater safety.

Next, heavy duty galvanised design to withstand harsh environments.

Lastly, engineered and certified for your peace-of-mind.

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