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Metal Cages Can Maximise Warehouse Space and Safety

Steel or metal cages are widely used in almost all industries for immediate storage, storage for more extended periods, or transporting products and materials when necessary. There is a wide variety of metal cages that can make any method of storage or transport containment efficient and effective in any industry.

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The Main Advantages of Metal Cages

If your company needs to retain, store, or transport products or goods across Australia or even overseas, metal or steel cages are the solution. Steel cages are ideal for the retention of bulk products and provide a heavyweight and safe option for shipping or storage. Metal cages are the perfect choice for many applications as well as being foldable and stackable.


Steel cages are ideal for the retention of products, goods, or materials, whether for storage or transit to suit a variety of applications. In fact, with Daywalk metal cages, there is a whole range compatible for the Australian pallet footprint. Daywalk can also design or manufacture custom steel cages or pallet cages for made to order needs.


Metal cages make economical sense because they are collapsible and foldable when not in use, therefore reducing return freight charges when shipping bulk products. When the cages are shipped back in their collapsed position, this saves the company a lot of money. These fully collapsed units make for easy and cost-effective return logistics and designed to maximise the number of return units when placed in container vans.


And because all Daywalk steel cages are stackable when either assembled or collapsed, these units can save on warehouse and container van space. The addition of lids and doors also ensure access to products and goods for inspection even when the cages are stacked up to three high.


Steel Cages Belong to the Heavyweight Division of Pallets

Metal cages are considered the most durable types best used for the transportation and carrying of heavy or high weighted products, goods, and materials, especially metal equipment, and even unevenly shaped construction materials, as well as drums or containers of dangerous liquids and chemicals. When such goods are carried, the advantage of having folding lids or cage doors is clear. There is easy access for inspections, or goods can be emptied out or selectively removed when required.


Short Land Transportation

Steel cages also prove their worth when transporting anything on short land hauls by heavy trucks and hauliers. Products, goods, and materials are well protected from damage, movement is kept to a minimum by the steel mesh sides, and the lockable lids or cage doors ensure added security against theft. Metal cages can also be safely stored inside container vans while they are hauled overland.


Metal Cages for Multi-Purpose and Other Storage Purposes

When it comes to storage or containment, many goods, items, equipment, materials, etc., have different varieties and types of storing and containing. Therefore, it becomes necessary to use metal cages for practical multi-purpose needs. Just imagine using steel cages for industries in need of storing pipe fittings, lots of carton boxes, valves, tools, and even motor engines.


Full Retainment by Daywalk

When it comes to metal cages or pallet cages, whether for regular use, cost-effectiveness, or even made-to-order stillage, Daywalk has the variety to cover your storage or transport solution needs.For a quick quote for your needs or enquiries, visit the Daywalk website at https://daywalk.com/.