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Are You Still Using Chain Straps? You Need to Start Using PET Straps

PET strap or PET Polyester Strap is manufactured from Polythene Terephthalate material. It is the best and environment-friendly substitute of steel or chain strap and is used with automatic or semi-automatic battery tools.

PET or polyester strapping is the strongest plastic strapping material compared to polypropylene strapping, with Daywalk’s strap being rated at a Break Strain of 722kg. PET straps have the highest initial tension that can be applied and retained over a more extended period compared to other plastic strapping materials.

PET strapping is characterised by its very consistent tensile strength and very high elongation. These characteristics are the most decisive factors for safe and reliable method of strapping. Unlike steel or chain strapping, PET straps have high elongation that can absorb shocks and impacts during transportation and handling far better than chain or steel strapping.

The advantages of using polyester strapping give superior mechanical features:
  • Rating on par with steel
  • Breaking strength with more extended elongation and outstanding tension retaining capabilities.
  • No damage or contamination of packaging goods.
  • Corrosion and UV resistant.
  • High shock absorption during impacts while in transit.
  • Less pressure on edges of packages.
  • Very superior on single packages that are secured.
  • Strap tension remains tight in cases where the package may shrink during transportation or storage due to ‘memory’ of PET.
  • Secure and clean handling compared to chain or steel strapping.
  • Easily recyclable.

For your transportation or storage strapping needs, you need not look far. Daywalk has the best PET straps, strapping/sealing tools, and accessories.

PET Strapping Orange Embossed

PET strap from Daywalk is as its name implies; it’s tough. The Daywalk PET strap is available in orange colour and in 16mm and 19mm thickness. The 16mm variant has an indicative break strength of 540kg and a length of 1,000 meters per roll. The 19mm variant has a breaking strength of 722kg. A 19mm Spartan PET Strap is also available.

Battery Strapping Tool

Compatible with all Daywalk PET straps. Made to seal straps by vibration sealing. The tool is very light to carry and handle and uses safe Lithium Polymer battery. It is available in two models:

  • ITA21 Tool Semi-Automatic – Requires manual handling in semi-automatic mode that uses a lever. Has a tension force of 4000N and a tensioning speed of 9 metres per minute.
  • ITA25 Tool Automatic – Fully automatic with push button pad. Has a tension force of 5500N and a tensioning speed of 12 metres per minute.
Strapping Lance

Assists in passing PET strap through any pallet or wherever you need the strap to go. It improves working speed and efficiency dramatically.

Dispenser PET Mobile

Serves as an efficient carry-on or storage for straps as it is entirely mobile. Its large wheels make it completely mobile even on rough terrain. Compatible only for 19mm strap variant. Durable steel frame and build.

For more information or queries about PET straps, visit the Daywalk website at https://daywalk.com/.