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New Edge Disposable Breathers

Daywalk is currently releasing a new breather to the Australian Market. Daywalk’s New Purpose Designed Disposable Breathers are a more rugged construction and more heavy duty when compared to Disposable Breathers currently on the market and will provide Electrical Power Stations and other Electrical Networks a long-life span in use.

In consideration for the current needs of our clients, Daywalk has designed this new breather and high quality and cost effective measures in mind, delivering value while ensuring cost savings.

The Disposable Breather has standard 3/4 BSP F threads – eliminating the need for expensive special threaded adaptors, assists in keeping the number of fittings required to a minimum, reducing costs and reducing the risk of air leaks.

Depending on the size of the oil reservoir, the Disposable Breathers can be simply fitted together and used in series. Again, this will greatly reduce the need for expensive fittings, thereby reducing costs and at the same time ensuring that all Breathers are functioning and performing at the same rate.


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