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Operational Sustainability Achieved with Pallet Collars

What is operational sustainability?

Operational sustainability is the method of evaluating whether a business or any industry sector can maintain its existing business practices without putting potential resources at risk in the future. Sustainability can refer to any variety of areas such as economic resources or ecological resources. For instance, if a company currently uses shrink wrap, strapping and timer pallets to keep goods at height, they could use much less plastic and manpower if they were replaced by pallet collars which are both recyclable and reusable.

How can pallet collars improve your sustainability?

wooden pallet collar

Like timber pallets, pallet collars are made of durable timber material. The flexibility of pallet collars ensures that it can be used over and over.

Pallet collars can be stacked two or three high on a single pallet, or two or three pallets can be stacked up using a pallet collar on each. When not in use, pallet collars are collapsible and easily stacked away for easy storage.

Double pallet collars are also available for longer pallets if your requirements encompass larger parts. The double pallet collars ensure an economical and safe way to store away oversized equipment and parts.

6-hinge pallet collars are also available for longer pallets. They’re of the same size as double pallet collars but are hinged in the middle so they can be collapsed and folded away without undoing the hinges.

The use of pallet collars to improve sustainable operations is an obvious one. If your company is well stocked with a lot of timber pallets, some of them can be shifted for warehouse organisation and storage by using pallet collars. Since the timber pallets are no longer subject to external elements during shipping, they can last longer. The pallet sustainability is aided with the use of pallet collars.

Like timber pallets, pallet collars are not only reusable; they are also recyclable after their very long lifespan has been reached.

What can reusability and recyclability help you achieve?

Naturally, reusability and recyclability of materials used for sustainable operations mean reduction of additional costs. Like timber pallets, pallet collars are made from wood, a renewable resource. Even the metal hinges used with pallet collars can be recycled. Pallet collars can be used repeatedly, and if they get damaged, they are relatively simple to repair. Should pallet collars reach the end of their shelf life after a very long lifespan, they can be recycled or reprocessed to make other wooden products or broken down to make pallet collar accessories or dividers.


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