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Pallet Collars and Everything You Need to Know About Them

What are pallet collars?

Anyone who’s handled pallets must have heard about pallet collar at least once before. The collar is a recent development designed to accessorise pallets. It is a packing solution for storing and transporting goods of various sizes and provides products or assets with a measure of security during their shipment, storage, or transportation. There are benefits to using a collar – but first, let’s get into the details of what it is, and what it’s used for.

The pallet collar is an accessory for pallets. It consists of four to six pieces of wooden board that are connected by metal hinges. It creates a square frame that fits directly onto the pallet. It forms a perimeter for which products can be contained into the space framed by the collar. The hinges of the collar are collapsible, which means it can be laid flat for storage purposes. Some designs for the collar have hinges that can be unpinned entirely, as well, allowing it to be disassembled entirely.

This collar is beneficial for cost-cutting efforts. A warehouse’s logistics budget can be considerable, and it’s understandable for warehouse managers to do what they can to better allocate their budget. In line with this, the collar helps in many aspects.

The pallet collar can save space in a warehouse and during the transport of goods. When stacked to a height, it forms a box that can function as a container for products. Because it is stackable, it can be used to create boxes or containers of varying heights, making the collar customisable.

It can help in protecting products and the pallets themselves from damage, minimising repair and replacement costs. In creating a frame that covers the perimeter of a pallet, the corners of the pallet are protected, which extends to the products stored on the pallets. This means damage brought on by bumping into the products stacked on the pallet is minimised if not entirely avoided because the goods have a barrier protecting them from external contact.

The collar also helps in packing products more efficiently so that products occupy less space, lessening transportation costs as well.  This box shape the collar forms can be compartmentalised, allowing for more versatility in terms of containing products or goods for shipment or storage. What this means for storage and transport is that products or goods that need to be packed separately can be placed in their compartments within the collar frame, ensuring that the utilisation of the space available on the pallet is maximised.

In summary, the pallet collar is a pallet accessory that is nonetheless just as versatile as the pallet itself. It provides excellent functionality and flexibility for shipment, storage, and transportation purposes. It also provides a tool for warehouse logistics efficiency, in turn helping minimise operation costs.

The pallet collar can do wonders for the warehouse. Consider investing in the pallet accessory for your warehouse today.

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