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How Pallet Collars Improve Supply Chain Efficiency

Warehouse efficiency is something that all managers and proprietors aim for every day. An efficient warehouse is a productive warehouse, which leads to improved overall revenue and customer satisfaction.


This is why a lot of managers and proprietors take steps to better their efficiency, be it changing the day to day processes for something better, or completely restructuring methods of operations. Finding the ideal way of doing things can take as little as changing a small part of the process chain – small differences can create significant changes in the operation of a warehouse.


A competent warehouse manager will have thought of the following questions: how long does it take for the warehouse crew to load or unload goods? How flexible and cost-efficient are the goods packaging methods and tools utilised in the warehouse? How many people are needed on the warehouse floor to ensure maximum productivity?


These are just some of the questions that an efficient manager will have considered at one point in their supervision of operations.


These questions are why the pallet collar is a favourite among warehouses. The pallet collar is a flexible packaging choice that helps in reducing labour costs. It’s easy to put away, as the pallet collar folds flat and its hinges can be unpinned to allow flexible storage. Because the pallet collar is stackable, its height can be adjusted.


The pallet collar doesn’t require any special tools to put together – all that’s needed are the hinge pins and the planks, and assembling the pallet collar requires no specialised training. A single person can construct any number of pallet collars with ease. Because the pallet collar is easy to assemble and disassemble, it’s less prone to damage from the assembly and disassembly process, which in turn raises their reusability and service lifespan compared to other packaging tools or materials.


On top of being time-efficient, the pallet collar is also cost-efficient. The pallet collars doesn’t require filler materials, like styrofoam peanuts or paper packaging (unless necessary, as is the case with fragile goods). As well, because the pallet collar doesn’t have any moving parts, it’s very safe to utilise in a warehouse setting, reducing the risks of injury among the crew.


The pallet collar aids in warehouse productivity by helping in the streamlining of the supply chain. How does the pallet collar manage this? Simple – by reducing space wastage. A warehouse’s available space is a valuable resource, which is why warehouse managers are always looking for the most efficient means of maximising the use of warehouse space.


The pallet collar helps in speeding the packaging and shipping process through ease of means. As mentioned before, the pallet collar is a simple accessory that can be assembled and disassembled without requiring any special tools. What this means for both supplier and the end user is that goods packed using the pallet collar can be moved off the pallet with minimal to no risk of product damage from the unpacking process.


Pallet collars are very simple in terms of design and function – but they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of packing and storing goods in a warehouse. Consider the pallet collar when looking into ways to improve a warehouse’s daily operations or processes.


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