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Pallet Collars as Small Goods Transportation Solution

Pallets are the boon of the transport industry and are a proven solution for the transportation of different products. However, another proven solution that is often ignored is the role that pallet collars play in the transportation of goods. All the more important is the vital use of pallet collars for transporting small goods.


In fact, in the last 20 years or so, pallet collars being used for transporting small goods has been growing in popularity.


Imagine this scenario: There is a need to transport by heavy trailer truck thousands of pieces of extended male thread metal bolt fasteners. What comes to mind as an obvious solution is to put them in cardboard boxes and stack them into the trucks, right?


There is a better solution than this.


When it comes to getting the most acceptable results in transporting goods, the number one factor to consider is the packing safety of the goods. The second is how to take up the least space.


So, when it comes to safety, the best solution is the use of wooden pallets rather than cardboard boxes. In support of the pallets is the use of pallet collars. Not only is this solution the safest but also takes up less space.


A single metal bolt fastener may not seem so heavy when held in the palm. But thousands of bolt fasteners will weigh quite heavily. Placing even just a few hundred in a cardboard box may not be a good idea because the weight of the fasteners may cause the box to tear.


Next, if the cardboard boxes are stacked in the truck, they can only be stacked at three boxes high to avoid boxes falling over. But even this low stacking may cause some boxes to fall over due to the vehicle vibration. Also, cardboard boxes will take up so much space in the truck.


Now consider the use of wooden pallets with pallet collars. A single pallet with two stacked pallet collars on top can safely carry and transport thousands of bolt fasteners. When placed inside the truck, it takes up less space.


Now, imagine this same scenario but involving other small goods like nails, roundish fruits (apples, oranges), female bolts, and the like, and you get the picture. Wooden pallets and pallet collars offer the best transportation solution.


There is also the consideration to store such goods safely so that they do not fall out of the packaging even from the constant vibration of the vehicle. This must be considered even when the pallet is lifted to and from the vehicle by a forklift. In order to meet transport obligations, we suggest using the pallet collar hold down bracket to ensure correct securing of the collar to the pallet.


Another solution that pallet collars offer is in the use of dividers within the pallet and pallet collars. This not only proves practical but offers excellent safety as well. Imagine transporting thousands of nails of different sizes. The pallet collars and dividers not only keep the goods stored safely while in transit, but it also keeps the goods organised. Using other transport storage means may get the goods mixed up, resulting in chaos and wasted time spent sorting out the goods.


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