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Daywalk Pallet Collars Can Solve Your Problems with Storage Efficiency

Using pallet collars in conjunction with hardwood pallets can form an efficient loading, storage, or transport system complete with great flexibility. It also solves many problems involving storage efficiency as well as saving on costs without giving up compliance.


Pallet collars by Daywalk provide the ultimate storage solution and flexibility no matter what type of pallet a company is using. Whether the end-user only needs a single-height collar or needs to stack up more layers to the collar, the pallet collar is the ultimate effective storage solution.


The Fabrication Division of Daywalk can even fabricate and manufacture customised sizes such as for EuroPallets, defence-specific sizes, and also double-width designs.


Daywalk’s pallet collars can be flat-packed when not in use, and up to 60 pallet collars can be flat-packed on a single pallet, making long- or short-term storage quite easy. Use of removable hinge pins makes the process of assembly and disassembly quick and efficient. Most pallet collars are ISPM15 compliant, so if transporting of goods involves the international supply chain, Daywalk pallet collars are easily utilised.

But, of course, Daywalk’s pallet collars are robust and of the highest quality with a high reusability factor. This is because only kiln dried timber is used, at one timber per panel, with the hinges being riveted, not screwed.


As an added accessory to the pallet collars, hold down brackets ensure that the collar is clipped or ‘bracketed’ to the pallet for sturdier and better storage. Brackets come in one collar or two collar height. This also ensures safety for goods, especially when stored at a height.


Pallet Collar 4 Hinge

Organisation and storage of critical goods, products, and spares can be a problem. However, with Daywalk’s 4 Hinge Timber Pallet Collar – made available in 1165mmx1165mmx192mmH size – storage problems are solved because the pallet collars are stackable. They are even collapsible when not in use, making storage easy.


Pallet Collar 6 Hinge

The 6 Hinge Timber Pallet Collar demonstrates excellent flexibility and a product that is proven durable and sturdy. To help optimise warehouse storage space, this pallet collar is collapsible and can be folded when not in use, making storage easy and convenient.


Pallet Collar 4 Hinge with Vision Panel

This timber pallet collar with vision panel is designed to secure products while transporting or in storage and to allow handlers to view the contents in each collar height compartment. The vision panel also allows for fast checking during product inspections.




Pallet Collar Lid

These timber lids, specially designed for the pallet collar 4 hinge, have four heavy duty pressed metal corner locating lugs to make sure the lid fits correctly on top of the collar. The lids can be strapped down to keep stored goods well protected.


Are you searching for the best solution to your storage problems? Daywalk provides the most cost-effective pallet collar solutions, as well as other solutions such as bins, pallets, cages, and even strapping. Visit Daywalk at https://daywalk.com/