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Daywalk Pallets

Daywalk provides a wide variety of pallets and pallet collars for secure storage and transportation of your goods. We help you achieve greater load capability, reduce transportation costs and promote supply chain efficiency. Our pallet range offers pallet racking compatibility, engineer ratings and forklift safety under-rails.


Our range includes:

  • Hardwood Pallets – The most popular way to reliably transport goods
  • Plastic Pallets – Lighter and easier to handle. Your ultimate weather-proof companion.
  • Bunded Pallets – For optimal safe containment
  • Steel Pallets – Tough, engineered to last and ready for the heavy loads.
  • Tyre Racks & Specialised Stackers – Pallet rack compatible & safety chained.
  • Pallet Collars – Keeps your products in place as economically as possible.

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