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4T Transport Stillage

The DAYWALK 4T Transport Stillage is a great, versatile transport and storage option for your difficult parts. Ideally used in transport and storage of lengths of steel, pipe and other difficult items, this stillage can be stacked up to 2 high, including in transport.

The elevated platform design also means ease of handling of items on and off the frame.

  1. Certified for logistics and storage
  2. Includes friction rubber on contact surfaces
  3. Can be stacked up to 2 high in transport
  4. Multiple fork lift entry points to suit a range of forklifts
  5. Includes rated lash points for safe securing of items
Ext Dimensions L 2935 W 1160 H 1250
Finish Painted Yellow
Includes Internal Lash points
Load Restraint Rubber on Horizontal Resting Surfaces
Compatibility Pallet Racking (4-Way)
Pallet Jack