Lighter & Safer Than Steel Strap

Polyester (PET) strap is highly resistant to corrosion and damage. It provides excellent retained tension during transportation and shipping of goods. Our premium Daywalk PET strapping has excellent anti-split properties. The strapping withstands even a sharp nail penetrating it. Our PET system is extremely efficient and cost-effective, with the option of manual, battery or pneumatic tools. It provides a higher safety level, easier handling and safer storage compared to traditional steel strapping.
Our most popular method of PET Tool is our automatic ITA Range. The ITA range of Battery operated Strapping Tools are high quality, robust Italian made tools, and have an outstanding reputation for having a long life span while being used in harsh conditions. We have an in-house service and repair facility together with a stock holding of spare parts in support of these tools, with short and long term rental units also available.

pet strap

Our most popular Daywalk PET (Polyester) Strapping

  • DAYWALK PET Strap 19mmx1mmx900m Orange Embossed 722kg Indicative Break Strength
  • DAYWALK Spartan PET Strap 16mmx0.89mmx1000m Orange Embossed 540kg Indicative Break Strength
  • DAYWALK PET Strap 16mmx0.89mmx1000m Orange Embossed 540kg Indicative Break Strength
pet system
pet system

Battery Strapping Tool
Suits 16mm-19mm PET Strapping
Seals strap by vibration sealing
Light Weight
Lithium Polymer Battery

Available as:
Semi-Automatic (ITA21 Tool)

  • Semi-automatic requiring manual handling step using a lever.
  • Tension Force – 4000N
  • Tensioning Speed – 9 metres per minute

Automatic (ITA25 Tool)

  • Fully automatic with push button pad
  • Tension Force – 5500N
  • Tensioning Speed – 12 metres per minute

Strapping Lance

  • Helps to pass the strap through the pallet or wherever you need it to go, improving efficiency dramatically.

Dispenser PET/Steel Mobile

  • Mobile – Efficient storage of strap
  • Large wheels deliver mobility even on rough terrain
  • Suitable for 19mm PET Strap
  • Suitable for 12-32mm Steel Strap (mill wound)
  • Sturdy steel frame & construction