Safer Alternative to Steel Strapping

Polywoven strapping is used in reinforcing and bundling items together for handling and shipment. One of the outstanding benefits of our Omni-tuff Hi-vis polywoven strapping is the integral strength of each longitudinal weave. Even when the strapping is almost completely cut through, the remaining fabric ‘holds good’. Our polywoven system provides exceptional operator safety, reduction in damage to softer/painted  surfaces and the ability to strap any shape or size.

The Omni-tuff Polywoven System enables you to restrain round and irregular items when used with the popular nose-tool. For optimum strength and safety, use Polywoven Strapping for a 1100kg Break Strain. This strap has it’s own integrity, highly resistant to ultra-violet rays, weather resistant, waterproof and will not rust.

Benefits of using Omni-tuff Polywoven Strapping System

  • Exceptional operator safety
  • Reduction in damage to softer/painted surfaces
  • Ability to strap any shape or size, in conjunction with the Omni-tuff CHD/N range of tool