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The Practical Features of Polywoven Strapping

When needing to restrain heavy, difficult shaped items – what is the solution?

Polywoven strapping comes in a variety of different sizes, lengths, widths, and breaking strength. Breaking strength is the maximum weight in kilograms a specific polywoven strap can withstand. For example, the Daywalk PET Strap 19mmx1mmx900m orange embossed has a breaking strength of up to 722 kilograms. Based on this, strapping either for warehouses or for transporting goods should be purchased in consideration of the weight of the product. In most cases, polywoven strapping serves as a better alternative to steel or cord strapping even when transporting cumbersome equipment.

The Safe Alternative to Steel or Cord

Polywoven strapping is a versatile non-metallic strapping that has proven to be of high strength in spite of its flexibility. It is the safest alternative to other types of strapping, including steel, composite, cord, and even wire rope, chains, and ratchet straps. Because of its flexible high tenacity polyester yarn that makes it a stronger load-restraint, polywoven strapping eliminates the need for bracing and wood blocking.

Polywoven’s webbing structure makes it very flexible and easy to use, even in confined spaces. It is incredibly safe to use, and its shock characteristics give it the highest quality over other load securing materials. Polywoven strapping has the ability to absorb shock and even sharp objects that keeps the strapping secure even through the most rugged transport situations.

Polywoven strapping from Daywalk is appropriately tensioned and strapped with the best Manual Strapping Tools, supported with accessories such as the Strapping Lance, Mobile Dispenser, and Polywoven Buckles.

Practical Features:

  • Heat and UV resistant
  • Ideal for light, medium, or heavy load applications (Take note of the break strength)
  • Portable and light
  • Easy to use and apply
  • High tensile strength
  • If needed, customised printing available
  • Orange embossed colour available for higher visibility and safety
  • High shock absorbency capability
  • High buckle joint efficiency
  • Cannot damage cargo
  • Corrosion resistant, resistant to alkali solutions and diluted acids
  • Disposable (Note that proper waste management is needed since PET straps are not biodegradable)
  • Will not cut forklift tires even when run over
  • Will not split

Whether used for flat racks, bundling, glass strapping, shipping, and other logistics, polywoven strapping is the superior alternative to steel strapping and other cords. This type of strapping can even be used in the securing of such cargo like lumber, motor vehicles, chemicals and their containers, construction materials and equipment, large shipping and logistics freight, meat, steel transportation, plastics, packaging and engineering materials and equipment.

For your polywoven strapping and strapping system needs, come to Daywalk, the proven manufacturer and distributor of long-term protection and storage solutions.