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Transport Frames

At DAYWALK, we offer an extensive range of Transport Frames, engineered to ensure the safe, efficient and compliant transport of heavy components. Our product line-up includes the Transporta® Range, Spartan Duty Steel Pallets and component-specific adjustable frames.

The DAYWALK Transporta Range is the epitome of storage and transport solutions for heavy components. This logistics-certified range is available in a variety of sizes and features vibration-dampening systems, full weather covers for outdoor storage and easy inspection access for field maintenance. With capacities ranging from 4T to 30T, this variety allows for the selection of a frame that closely matches the weight and size of the components being transported, ensuring a secure and stable fit.

For those seeking versatility, our component-specific adjustable frames, such as small and medium Cylinder Frames, Multi-Porta™ Frames and Pump Frames provide tailored solutions. They are engineered to be adjustable for multiple applications, ensuring both efficiency and compliance with transport regulations.

Choosing DAYWALK for your transport frames means prioritising innovation, safety and compliance. Structurally sound and logistics-engineered, you will meet the rigorous standards of the 2018 Load Restraint Guide. This ensures that your equipment remains secure under all transport conditions. Furthermore, our modular ‘Meccano’ system offers unprecedented versatility and ease of use, allowing for quick adaptation to different components.

DAYWALK bridges the gap between standard off-the-shelf options and customised alternatives, providing you with industry-leading and compliant transport solutions for your heavy components.

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