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Polywoven Strap 19mm 1000kg Break Strain

DAYWALK’s Spartan Polywoven Strap is a great economical option for strapping and restraining your heavy or difficult shaped components. The Polywoven system is a proven restraint method for keeping heavy loads safe in demanding environments.
  • Interwoven design prevents shearing of the strap if cut
  • Works with a manual polywoven system https://daywalk.com/shop/products/storage-solutions/strapping-systems/19mm-polywoven-strap-starter-kit/
  • 19mm x 500m/roll
  • 1000kg Indicative Break Strength
  • White with 2 Red Line
  • UV weather resistant
  • Retains high tension for long periods and can easily be re-tensioned at any time
  • Enables you to restrain round and irregular items when used with the popular nose-tool
  • Highly resistant to ultra-violet rays, weather resistant, waterproof and will not rust
  • Light weight
  • Safe and reusable
  • Long-term strength: <em>Colour will fade</em> but strap holds its integrity even after the strap has faded


  • 19mm x 500m/roll
  • 1000kg Indicative Break Strength