Custom Engineered Hardstand Racking



June 2019


– Storage Solutions
– Supply Chain
– Proprietary Design
– Safety Management


– Mining & Resources


Existing un-rated racking system posed safety concerns

With already four mining related deaths in Australia in 2020, safety remains one of the mining industry’s key focuses.

One of the largest global mining corporations approached Daywalk with a key challenge – un-rated outdoor racking on multiple sites across Queensland & New South Wales. Not only did these racks present a major safety challenge, they failed to meet stringent compliance requirements. The existing outdoor racking solution was not engineered for the application, which called for racking that did not need to be fastened to the hardstand surface whilst still meeting both engineering and weight load bearing requirements.

hardstand racking

Purpose built racks for peace of mind

Daywalk developed a safer end-to-end solution, achieving client specifications through the development, design and manufacture of custom rated racking within client time-frames. The Daywalk solution consisted of a freestanding, rated and certified racking system to client specifications in both cantilever and A-frame configurations. The freestanding approach reduced interruption to operations and achieved significant cost savings in fastening requirements, whilst significantly reducing the risk of safety incidents on site.

Custom Cantiliever Rack
Fully Welded construction
4 shelves including base
WLL 400kg’s per shelf (over 4 struts)
Article Name
Hardstand Racking System Reimagined
One of the biggest mining corporations turned to Daywalk for a Custom Engineered Hardstand Racking project focusing on safety management and storage solutions.