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Effective Reusable Pulley Protection

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Sustainable Pulley Preservation


August 2020


– Rust Prevention
– Long-term Preservation
– Preservation Management
– Sustainable Preservation


– Mining & Resources


Existing pulley protection not effective in preventing rust.

A pulley manufacturer had challenges with effective preservation of their premium pulleys. Their existing method of protection was a UV Heatshrink film which was inadequate for the application and was resulting in rusting of the pulley’s.

Another challenge was that this plastic was being cut open to inspect the pulley inside and either accidentally left open to rust or was re-wrapped, wasting valuable time and resources.

BEFORE using reusable pulley protection

Reusable covers to protect the pulleys from corrosion and allow easy inspection.

Daywalk were approached to provide reusable, zip-up reusable covers for the pulleys. The fit-for-purpose covers can be unzipped and re-zipped for inspections of the pulleys inside. This makes them are a more sustainable solution than the plastic film, which had to be replaced or patched after being cut for inspection.

The cover is capable of providing multiple years of protection from the elements. The heavy duty substrate also has about half the rate of moisture transmission compared to plastic film, making it easier to manage the moisture content inside the cover. Furthermore, the cover can be used with Daywalk VCI Desiccant & SKN Coatings for full integrated preservation.