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Gearboxes safely transported

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Safe Gearbox Transport Implementation




– Transport Solutions
– Supply Chain
– Compliance Solution
– Safety Management


– OEM’s & Engineering


Unsafe transport solutions not up to spec

The gearbox OEM was facing challenges with compliance to Chain of Responsibility legislation and the risk if something goes wrong. With the existing timber or one-application steel options, they didn’t have enough flexibility to transport their gearboxes between the workshop and their customer.


Modular transport systems

DAYWALK worked with the client to supply our modular solutions for their range of gearboxes that would be transported. With the flexible, certified and rated system, the client could rest assured that their equipment would arrive safely after each road trip. The transport kit brings together a number of components including direct restraint bolts, load rubber and spread plates that all make sure that the gearbox is safe in transit.