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Keeping rail rolling

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Transport Solutions for Rail Parts




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Critical equipment not compliantly transported or preserved

The grail repairer was facing challenges with compliance to Chain of Responsibility legislation and the risk if something goes wrong. With the existing transport frames presenting a challenge from the onsite safety and health (OSH) perspective, the user was needing some more simple, yet affective to keep the crews safe when using the transport pallets and when the systems were on the road.


Modular transport systems

DAYWALK worked with the client to design, certify and manufacture an Australian made transport system for the wheelsets and traction motors that were to be transported. Using safer and more simplistic methods, DAYWALK was able to achieve a safe and sustainable preservation solution for the critical metal surfaces which complimented the certified and road transport-rated steel pallet solutions. 

Modular transport systems

Adjustable chocking system to cater for wheel-wear

Safety restraint straps provided

Lashing lugs for compliant lashing to the frame

Sustainable and safe gear preservation system

DAYWALK binder lugs including for safe lashing to trucks