Safer Electric Motor Logistics



June 2021


– Safer Transport Frame
– Effective Rust Prevention on Shafts
– Delivery and Fitment


– OEMs & Engineering


Non-compliant Transport Frames

The existing transport frame methods were proving ineffective for the customer as they were often non-compliant to road-transport standards under Schedule 7 of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL). With non-compliance, the frustration of not knowing if the frame is safe, is costly and can be a real challenge. This calls for a solution which can be relied on to safely transport heavy components and be flexible enough to adapt to multiple requirements on-the-go.


Modular Transport Frames

To meet the customer’s need, DAYWALK was able to deliver our patented modular transport frame system. With this best-in-class system, you can easily swap and change what you are transporting. In the case of this electric motor, it is easy to restrain with the DAYWALK top-load bolts and other modular accessories. Along with safe transport from the modular transport frame, the SKN Coating was coated onto the bare metal shaft to protect for rust and corrosion while in transport. Another great transport outcome.

daywalk steel pallet withstands heavy loads
Patented Bolt-down System
Certified for logistics, rated for road-transport
Lashing lugs for use with multiple applications
SKN Coating applied for amazing shaft protection

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    Article Name
    Safer Electric Motor Logistics
    DAYWALK collaborated with a reputable electric motor repair in Perth, WA to deliver a best-in-class electric motor transport and preservation solution. A completely modular system ensuring road-transport compliance and safety for heavy equipment.