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Reasons Why Shipment Companies Should Choose Metal Cages

The shipment industry has been evident since ancient history. Back then, parcels were delivered by hand, while larger packages were carried with the use of wheelbarrows and makeshift pushcarts. With subsequent modernisation together with the surge of e-commerce, courier services and warehouse industries are becoming in demand and thriving, which is why businesses within this category should consider the significance of choosing resilient equipment. For better service, the safety of valuables, and satisfaction of customers, switch to Daywalk metal cages and steel pallets; crafted to suit high demands.

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Factors that May Damage Packages During Delivery

Most of us want our packages to get delivered immediately, but even with the latest transport service available, it is impossible to do so. Courier services follow routine instructions regarding deliveries. Parcels and shipments undergo strict inspections, particularly exported items to assure that it is safe to transfer without being a liability to others. In the process, there might be instances where packages are mishandled. Here are some reasons why merchandise get damaged along the way:

  • Weather Conditions

Predicting the weather is difficult and there could be times when it rains or it becomes hot or the temperature just changes abruptly. Rain could cause mud and some packages may come in contact with the mud unless they are placed on podiums or metal cages.

  • Road Settings

We cannot assure that the roads are all paved and even the concrete streets could be bumpy. Containers could also slide off their placement when sending deliveries uphill. To secure items and other parcels they are best fastened tightly on pallets or inside metal stillage.

  • Dimensions of Package

The size and shape of parcels matter too because packages are stacked according to physical characteristics. The larger the parcel, the higher the tendency for it to be placed in the bottom. Dirt and moisture are often found on the ground where without proper care, it could lead to contamination. Steel cages allow safe shelter and protection of valuables.

  • Warehouse Condition

Storing deliveries and fragile items do not only need a simple shelter. It is also essential to know proper warehousing techniques and temperature conditions of the area to allow safety within the warehouse to avert goods from damage and to avoid accidents such as fire, the collapse of stacks and contamination.

  • Other Items

Always separate products according to category, allowing for fast transaction and  smooth packaging processing. Segregation is also essential because some deliveries could get damaged by being stored with toxic or strong-smelling goods.

  • Unprecedented Errors

Mistakes are inevitable, although most warehouses now use forklifts and automated machines in carrying and piling stocks. To further protect critical equipment, securing them inside metal stillages could lessen the damage.

Quality of Pallets and Cages

The quality of steel varies depending on the components and manufacturers. Some are mixed with elements to assure strength and durability. Daywalk’s metal stillages and pallets are constructed from durable steel that is safe against corrosion, pest infestation, and shock-proof for better delivery of packages.

When choosing what is best for shipment and warehousing, always trust Daywalk storage cages. We help provide resilient equipment, and we guarantee the protection of your merchandise. For more information, visit us today at our official website at Daywalk.