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Daywalk transport systems safely securing loads

Revolutionising Transport Safety

Transport safety, especially trucking transport safety, is important because trucks and flatbeds carry some of the heaviest loads, cargo, and equipment for many industries. Many of these loads are often bulky, oversized, and weigh many tonnes. Naturally, when accidents occur, they can have catastrophic results for drivers, workers, and the transport cargo. Even a single crash can put a any company in a bad light and wreak havoc on its publicity. Safety means a company gets to cut or minimise costs on fines, damage payments, and repairs. Thus, some innovators are looking into the future towards better logistics engineering to produce better products such as steel pallets to improve transport safety.

One of these companies looking ahead is DAYWALK.

Steel pallet logistics engineering

The DAYWALK steel pallets are logistics engineered to be used on their own or as part of the Daywalk modular patented transport frame system. Daywalk’s steel pallets come in various sizes and load capacity in order to adjust to different unevenly shaped, oversized, heavy equipment, machinery, and parts.

steel pallets securing loads

For your equipment’s safety while in transport, enquire at Daywalk.

Daywalk’s steel pallets are engineered to also bridge the gap between efficiency and compliance, making them cost-effective in the long-run, and rendering customised transport frames almost obsolete.

Daywalk steel pallets come in different load capacities beginning at 1 tonne up to 12 tonnes. Each pallet is galvanised with a yellow long-life coating to prevent rust and corrosion. The top is made of a sturdy steel grid mesh top containing up to 10 lashing or tie-down points. All steel pallets are engineered to be compatible with all transport system accessories such as bolts, chocks, adjustable legs, and anti-slip mats.

Modularity – Offering many applications and options

The range of steel pallets is designed to carry heavy loads and equipment without the need for customised transport frames. They are also certified for transport and meet all Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance requirements.

As part of a modular patented transport system called the “Meccano System,” the steel pallet range is compatible with a variety of bolting, attachment, and other support accessories to build a safe transport frame suited to any specific load or equipment. The large range of pallets and accessories gives any transport company flexibility to use the system for any variety of cargo, no matter how heavy, cylindrical, bulky, oversized, irregularly shaped spares and parts may be.

Daywalk steel pallets secure heavy equipment

Daywalk is revolutionising transport safety.

This modular system that can be used in many applications, can be adjusted to fit any load, makes expensive customised one-time use transport frames almost obsolete. While customised transport frames may take weeks to engineer and manufacture, Daywalk’s large stock of steel pallets and accessories ensures that a transport frame can be formed and assembled in just a matter of hours.


Are you considering switching to Daywalk’s steel pallets and patented transport frame “Meccano System?” Send us your enquiries today or give us a call so we can discuss your next project or what you need to transport, no matter how heavy or oversized. Just dial 1300 662 987. You can also send your enquiries and messages HERE.