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The Role of Metal Cages in the Safe Transport of Goods and Materials

Industries that transport equipment, parts, materials, and even waste need to take several steps to ensure that anything being transported isn’t damaged and that health, safety, and environmental risks are minimised. Time and time again, metal cages have proven themselves to be a safe and efficient method to transport almost anything from Point A to Point B.

 Metal Cages

Minimising the risks of transporting goods

In any industry, the key risks when transporting goods include:

  • Goods damaged in transit
  • Pilferage and theft
  • Unsecured loads coming loose and endangering other road users 

Steps you can take to minimise the above risks:

  1. Ensure you select an appropriate form of transport for your requirements.
  2. Consider how best to protect large and heavy/unusual loads. This is where metal cages come in because cages are manufactured to carry large and heavy loads better than any wooden pallet can. Also, uneven or unusual loads are kept safe because they are able to be contained within the mesh sides.
  3. Make sure that loads are secure and weight is distributed evenly. Again, this is where metal cages such as those manufactured by Daywalk prove their mettle. The steel mesh sides ensure that the load is secure and will not shift from side to side.
  4. Always take appropriate security measures. Metal cages from Daywalk can be fitted with fold-down gates with lockable lid to prevent theft or pilfering.
  5. Ensure that suitable packaging, labelling, and containers are used. Often, the packaging itself offers proper protection for the goods.

Transporting goods in steel cages

Metal or steel cages, also called stillages, are the ideal option for transporting fragile, uneven, or multi-item consignments, such as heavy wheel castors or large hoses. Stillages offer the best freight protection even for unstable and heavy solid objects such as heavy equipment, bulldozer tracks,  GET (ground engaging tools) etc.


Metal cages from Daywalk have added protection and safety features that cannot be found with other traditional transport methods. They are also designed to be forklift and pallet jack compatible, making transport efficient as well as safe. For queries on their full line of products or for a quote on steel cages, contact Daywalk today > Contact DAYWALK.