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component with rust and anti-corrosion coating

Rust: Not Allowed.

Projects around the world are now specifying a new coating, Daywalk Seal’n’Peel. Seal’n’Peel is a peelable coating that prevents corrosion on metal components during storage or transportation. The coating works on a preventative technology, which saves monetary resources and time compared to traditional technologies.

Figure 1: Results of a 4-week salt-water test. The right section was uncoated and the left section shows the section that was protected by Seal’n’Peel

According to our studies, if metal components are protected adequately from corrosion and rust creep, companies can save up to 95% of costs that would have to be otherwise invested in the cost of re-working rusted components. Additionally, by spending a few minutes applying Seal’n’Peel to metal components, EPCs save up to 83% of time that would be spent removing rust that would otherwise occur.  This can be seen in Figures 2 and 3.

Figure 2: Graph Comparison of Storing a Flange: Cost of materials and labour for Inadequate Preservation versus Seal’n’Peel Preservation

Figure 3: Graph Comparison of Storing a Flange: Time Spent on Inadequate Preservation versus Time spent on Seal’n’Peel Preservation

Seal’n’Peel has been specified or applied at projects in varying climates with successful outcomes. Senior field engineer comments are also positive:

“…I saw firsthand the benefits of Seal’n’Peel during the past couple of years whilst at the fabrication yard in Malaysia.”

Team Member

Global Oil Producer

“We have had success working with that product.”

Team Member

Corrosion Control Company, US

“By the way, we are using Seal’n’Peel with good effect! The test spools look good as well.”

Team Member

Global EPC

“We’re using Daywalk Seal’n’Peel and the performance is perfect. Seal’n’Peel is protecting the flange face very well and it’s very easy to use.”

Team Member

Global EPC

Countries where Daywalk Seal’n’Peel products have been specified and trialled in mod yards and facilities include Australia, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and the United States of America.

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