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seal n peel demo

SealNPeel Demo

Introducing the Omni-tuff Seal N Peel Coatings. This product promotes the use of preventing the corrosion of metals, to minimize wastage of valuable assets through rust proofing, rust protection. The product is easy-to-peel, fast drying and can be simply removed and peeled-off by hand leaving no residue on the material upon installation.

Seal N Peel Varieties
Video Transcription

Protect your assets from corrosion damage: SealNPeel

For effective and affordable surface protection, use Seal’n’Peel, a heavy-duty protective coating product. Ready to paint on when you need it and peel off at installation.


A flange was coated in Seal’n’Peel and immersed in salt water for a month. After a month the coated flange was removed from the salt water and the Seal’n’Peel removed.

Complete moisture protection.
Where the coating is, the rust isn’t!

Seal’n’Peel is available for:
Mild Steel, Carbon Steel or Aluminium

  • Sprayable Seal’n’Peel – 442
  • Brushable Seal’n’Peel – 452

Stainless Steel, BRass and other Alloys

  • Brushable & Sprayable – OGS



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