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Shield Collapsible Pallet Stillage 900mmH – Upgrade

Introducing the Daywalk shielded Collapsible Stillage 900mmh. This product is ideal for materials handling. This product is also stackable with half fold-down gates allowing anyone an easy access when stacked. The cage is an ideal storage space, especially for bulkier items and is zinc plated to prevent the steel from rusting or corrosion.

Daywalk Shield Collapsible Stillage 900mmH

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Main Features:
Fits your pallet Racking (840mmW)
Forkliftable – Pallet jack compatibale (4-way) & anti-tipping bars (4-way) to stop your stillage falling off your forklift tynes

More Details:
Item Code: 13-PSS900C
Dimensions: 1165MMWX1165MMDX900MMH (INT. Height) Front & Back Half Fold Down Gates (Removable)

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