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What’s the Difference Between Blue and Orange Silica Gel?

Indicating silica gel is a rapid detection method that enables users to determine quickly if the desiccant has fully absorbed moisture from whatever environment it is placed in. Silica gels are also called indicating desiccants or drying agents. The silica gel is indicating that it is full of moisture when it changes colour.

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Indicating Silica Gel

Indicating silica gel is chemically treated so it can change from one colour to another as it absorbs moisture until the gel is saturated. This makes using bulk silica gel ideal for removing moisture from sensitive industrial areas such as metallic equipment and electric boxes.

Blue Silica Gel

Blue indicating silica gel granules have been washed with a concentration of cobalt chloride (heavy metal salt); hence, the deep-blue colour when dry and turns from blue to pink as it becomes saturated.

Although blue silica gel is not carcinogenic except when ingested, it should not be used in direct contact with products intended for consumption such as pharmaceuticals and food due to its cobalt chloride content. And even if it’s less expensive than orange indicating silica gel, its use is already banned in the European Union.

Orange Silica Gel

This silica gel appears orange or yellow when dry, and green after the desiccant becomes saturated with moisture. Orange indicating silica gel is non-toxic, pollution-free, and meets all international environmental requirements. The Orange gel is ideal to be used for air dryers, transformer breathers, protection of non-consumable packaged goods, and drying and storing of flowers and seeds.

Unlike cobalt-based gels, orange silica gel conforms to European Union environmental requirements and has a higher absorption capacity to remove moisture even at temperatures as high as 65°C, so it works well even at room temperature.

Daywalk e-Gel Featuring Indicating Orange Silica Gel

Daywalk e-Gel desiccant is the trade name of its bagged orange silica gel that is non-toxic. e-Gel shows an orange colour when active and changes to green when the silica gel is at least 30% moisture saturated, since it can absorb this much of its own weight of water. Daywalk’s e-Gel can be used to fill transformer breathers at electrical power stations. Aside from these:

  • It is a non-cobalt/non-toxic based indicator desiccant, non-carcinogenic, and environment-friendly.
  • Moisture penetration colour is easily monitored in desiccant sachets because each sachet has a clear observation window.
  • Daywalk’s e-Gels can absorb moisture up to 80% of its weight when the gel turns a dark green.
  • e-Gel can be dried out and reused again. When dried out, the desiccant turns an orange colour again.
  • Can be disposed of safely if the need arises (Local council needs to be informed).
  • Can be used in both non-oil bath and oil-bath breathers.
  • Maximum e-Gel capacity for transformer breathers is 1kg. of e-Gel. This 1kg of e-Gel is suitable for 1m3 of void for 6-12 months. Of course, this will depend on the humidity levels in the area.

Contact Daywalk for queries or quotes on e-Gel silica gel. For more information about other e-Gel silica gel products and accessories, please call Daywalk, send them an email, or visit their website at https://daywalk.com/.