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Home Blogs Why the Steel Cage is Safer than a Wooden Pallet

Why the Steel Cage is Safer than a Wooden Pallet

Steel cages are fast growing in popularity over wooden pallets because their benefits far outweigh those of their wooden counterparts.


Sturdy and Durable

Metal cages are obviously stronger than any wooden pallet out there, regardless of where the wood came from. Surprisingly, some metal cages even weigh less than enormous and heavy wood pallets. Steel cages can also take on more weight during transportation – being engineer rated with official certification plates and identification1. Goods and cargo being transported are well protected and exposed to less damage.


Wood tends to rot and decay after some time, and if overloaded is prone to splitting or cracking. This can render them dangerous or useless over time. Steel cages are more durable and will last more years, giving higher value for money. While metal cages may have a greater initial outlay, their longer lifespan makes them cheaper in the long run.


Reduced Wastage

Wooden pallets are not that durable; in transit, goods can become crushed, damaged, or dented. This is because the pallets are not stable and have caused the loads to move or fall. Also, wood is often seen as expendable and is readily discarded, especially when they become damaged. This means that wood creates a large amount of waste that is not environmentally friendly. As more wood is discarded, more is needed to be ordered, taking up more resources. Metal cages are more durable, ensuring less cargo wastage, and with a longer lifespan, replacements are less needed.  


More Efficient Design

Metal cages are designed that they are stackable to a maximum height that can save space while being transported or while in storage. Metal cages also come in a variety of designs such as with hinged or folding doors, open access, or legs to raise them off the ground. All metal cages also have sturdy metal mesh sides that ensure that cargo or products inside the enclosure are well-protected as well as ensuring being stackable.


Safety and Hygiene

Steel cages are safer and hygienically cleaner than wood pallets. Wood can become contaminated with bacteria that can lead to hygiene issues like disease. Metal cages are easily cleaned and sanitised, negating infestations, bacteria, and germs. Steel cages are also zero fire hazards, unlike wood.


Extreme Industrial Use

Whether for transporting or storage inside a warehouse or outside in a port area, metal cages are the best for any industrial use. They can withstand any extreme weather, hot or cold conditions.


Types of Metal Cages

Steel cages such as those provided by Daywalk are available in a range of designs that will suit specific uses. Daywalk stillages and metal cages are forklift and pallet trolley compatible. We have stillages with removable half-fold down gates, some with lockable lids, some with hinged gates, and all are foldable for better storage when not in use. The durable steel mesh sides assure that almost all metal cages are stackable.


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