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stacks of custom stillages by Daywalk

The Engineered Answer to Complex Transport Challenges

One complex transport challenge with heavy industries is transporting small, single, but heavy parts that have been disassembled from elaborate machinery. To add to this complex challenge is probably the need to transport all these single heavy parts together to a location where they are assembled into the complex machinery. A proven solution to this challenge is the use of custom stillages. These are specialised custom stillages that have been customised primarily for a specific length, width, height, and weight to transport heavy industry machine parts. One example is the custom stillages manufactured by Daywalk, but more on this later.

What challenges are faced with smaller parts transport in heavy industry?

bucket teeth tools for earthmoving and miningIt must be clarified that what is termed as “small” or “smaller parts” in heavy industry are actually often Ground Engaging Tools (G.E.T) or critical wear plates that are part of a much larger complex machinery. The best example for this are the bucket teeth that are used in the Mining and Earthmoving sectors and need to be replaced due to wear.

  • Keeping equipment secure – Just because the heavy part or equipment may not weigh tonnes it becomes a different story when the transport starts moving. It’s crucial to secure heavy yet small parts, so they don’t become a projectile when emergency braking or extreme forces are exerted on the small parts.
  • Selection of cargo transportation equipment – After determining the shape, weight, and size of the load, and in the case of irregular parts, the best option for protecting the cargo is finding a way to envelop it protectively. One method that is also compatible with open deck or flatbed trucks is the use of custom stillages specially manufactured for the length and weight of the cargo. While the load is secured inside the custom stillage, the steel cage itself is easily secured on the transport. Take note that this is also a good option when transporting aerospace or alternative energy machine parts.

How costly is non-compliance?

Taking shortcuts to cut down on transportation costs will compromise government regulations compliance and safety. Companies or carriers can face significant compliance penalties as imposed by federal, state, and local authorities. Likewise, the safety of the heavy part and equipment involved may be compromised, leading to damage, further escalating costs. Expensive safety lawsuits may also be involved should the safety of personnel be compromised.

A true solution for transporting heavy small parts

custom stillage by DaywalkDon’t get caught with shortcuts. Your perfect solution is only a call away with Daywalk Custom Stillages. These customised stillages can be explicitly made for any heavy small part of any heavy industry. The custom stillage can be utilised for the safe transportation of the heavy parts, or open or warehouse storage of the heavy parts.

These custom stillage or custom steel cage baskets are made from  steel, and are hot-dip galvanised, providing a superior layer of rust and corrosion protection. The strong outer frame on all sides has a strong steel mesh with an open top for easy access. These custom stillages are built to withstand the harsh Australian weather, ensuring greater protection during transportation or storage.


Are you ready to discuss your needs for custom stillages or steel cages? Or perhaps you have other needs or requirements that you need to discuss with us? No problem! Daywalk is ready to listen anytime, and all you need is just call us on 1300 662 987 or send us your enquiry here.