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Steel Pallet Cages Can be Beneficial to Your Business

Are you running a warehouse or series of warehouses? Or are you a transport service provider? Perhaps you might want to consider using rated steel pallet cages for your warehouse, vans, or heavy haul trucks.

Metal Cages

Pallet cages, metal stillages, or simply metal cages is a type of metal storage container that is used to store items that can be stacked on pallets. Metal stillages come in a variety of sizes and designs and are designed to retain safely product – whether it be cartons, or larger heavier equipment.

Another primary purpose of metal stillages is to become your ultimate storage solution in retaining cost-effective storage needs. Rather than leaving products out in the open stacked on pallets, cages offer long-term specialised storage until such time that the products need to be transported. Also, sensitive equipment or spares may be safely stored in pallet cages in warehouses or while in long transit on heavy haul trucks. Not everything in warehouses is transported out; critical assets, spare parts, and equipment need to be safely stored and easily accessed should the need for them arise. Pallet cages keep these critical assets safe while reducing safety incidents.

Benefits of Using Metal Cages

As their description implies, steel pallet cages are much sturdier than wooden or plastic pallets. Though more expensive than other pallet counterparts, metal cages are needed for storing and transporting heavy equipment and loads. Also, being a ‘cage’ means that whatever you need to store or transport is safely locked away. Other benefits of using pallet cages:

  • Because of the metal stillage’s heavy-duty steel construction, heavy loads and heavy equipment cannot damage the floor or cage. Wooden uncaged pallets can only take on lighter loads, as heavy loads might crack or break wood or even plastic.
  • The welded grid construction of metal cages means that the cages can safely restrain whatever heavy load is placed inside. Additional strapping may still be used as a Chain of Responsibility-safe option.
  • Pallet cages are more durable and therefore have longevity. It thus saves money and time in the long run. When exposed to the elements, pallet cages will last longer compared to wood. More longevity can be achieved if the pallet cages are coated. On this note, it is advisable to use metal cages inside warehouses rather than outside and exposed to different weather conditions. Even so, when placing cages outdoors, the Omni-tuff Galvanised Stillages will provide ultimate longevity.
  • Metal cages reduce the time it takes to transfer, load, and unload products inside a warehouse. And since pallet cages are also made to be stackable, it maximises warehouse floor space and helps you be more organised and efficient. Pallet cages are designed to have either hatch doors, drop-front, or drop-tops to make it easier to access or remove what is stored.
  • If needed, pallet cages can be customised based on whatever requirements are needed for your warehouse or heavy trucks. They can be customised to be long and rectangular to fit a certain length of warehouse floor space, or tailored so that a specific type of equipment can fit in.

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