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Steel Pallets: Ranked by durability and price.

Our range is made up of two levels, Spartan and Heavy Duty, and they are both very popular for their own applications.

So, the Spartan range is essentially a value for money range. While the Spartan pallets are certified and provide the assurance of safety, they are really an entry level range. They are racking compatible, hot-dip galvanised, have lashing points and most of them come with the heavy-duty mesh top. This means that you can put rubber on and use the lashing points to secure heavy components. The tonnage options, however, are lower than the Heavy Duty range. The Spartan range offers a 1 tonne, 2 tonne, and 3 tonne option.

One of the biggest differences with the Spartan range is the fact that it isn’t compatible with the DAYWALK accessories. So, the bolts, the legs, the chocks, and the spreader plates that we offer are not designed to work with the Spartan pallets. However, the mesh is still certified for bolt through, meaning you can use your own accessories.

So, if we were to change over and look at the Heavy Duty range, it is really the whole Lego or Meccano system where you still have the heavy-duty mesh, safety assurance, hot-dip galvanisation and lashing points, however, the pallets are designed to fit with the DAYWALK accessory range. So, the bolts, spreader plates, adjustable legs, chocks and rubber can all be used to secure the component to the pallet, making the process simpler.

From a durability perspective, the Heavy Duty range is also superior. It offers pallets ranging from a 1 tonne capacity, right up to 12 tonnes. So, the Heavy Duty range gives you maximum flexibility because it is not only compatible with accessories, but has the ability to safely transport a wider range of components.

So, if you are looking for ultimate ease, flexibility, and durability, the Heavy Duty range is the best option, but if you are running on a tighter budget, and just starting the on journey of certified transport frames, the Spartan range is probably best for you. Whatever the application, both options make transport safety for components much easier than having to design, certify and manufacture your own solutions.