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aisle of stacked steel cages

Storage Cage: The Engineered Stillage Advantage

The range of transport and storage solutions has always been to provide high-risk operations as means for peace of mind in the transport or storage of goods, parts, spares, and heavy equipment. These solutions range from the traditional timber pallet, steel pallet, to steel cages, and most recently, the engineered storage cage. As time and experience have shown, while some traditional storage solutions still have their uses, the more modern and durable engineered stillages and other solutions maximise and guarantee.

Timber pallets and heavy loads

timber pallets can carry loads but with weight limitations

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Many companies would argue that wooden pallets are a good option for storage because they are cheap, widely available, and can be repaired easily. But it’s that ‘repair’ factor should make you think twice. Yes, the timber pallet can still be widely used for a variety of solutions, but their weight capacity is limited. A first-class timber pallet has a maximum capacity of around 2,000kg, for first-time use. But if dropped only a short distance with its load, wood easily gets damaged. Wood is also vulnerable to bacterial growth that can cause health hazards. Wood also attracts dirt, fungus, and other microorganisms.

What are the alternatives to pallets?

Aside from plastic and steel storage stillages that have been developed to replace timber pallets, one of the best transport and storage solutions to be innovatively developed and innovated by DAYWALK is the steel cage stillage. It is a steel cage system designed with strong steel mesh sidewalls so cargo or loads will be contained safely.

In fact, DAYWALK’s range of steel stillages have been so successful that they have become the core foundation of customer safety and success in the heavy industry, including mining, oil and gas and equipment manufacturers.

DAYWALK’s steel stillage solutions are the result of careful study and using tried and tested solutions that have been manufactured for demanding conditions. Each DAYWALK steel cage solution offers a much better alternative to timber pallets because they are designed and engineered to take very harsh working conditions within any industry.

The DAYWALK International Cage

Galvanised International Cage

This International steel stillage cage is engineer-rated and made for ultimate safety. It is heavy duty and designed to fit safely on standard pallet racking. The storage cage is ideal for bulk storage purposes and it includes removable and lockable gates for added security and easy access, especially when stacked. Its galvanised finish adds to its durability and protects it from corrosion or rusting. It also has anti-tipping bars, steel mesh sides, metal sheet flooring, and even a lockable lid that is optional.

arranged stacks of steel stillage cages

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Steel Storage Onsite Cage/Box

The DAYWALK Steel Secure-A-Move keeps any cargo, spares, parts, and heavy machinery closed off from rain, moisture, and dirt. It is stackable, can fit a standard Australian pallet inside (single only), is highly durable, with anti-tilt bars, and is a full protection storage box system. It fits into the usual Australian standard pallet racking system. It comes in single and double levels.

timber pallet used for carrying load and stored in storage box

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