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Storage Cages: Why Choose DAYWALK for Your Warehousing Project?

The storage solutions designed and manufactured by DAYWALK are made for even the toughest environments and warehouses. They are made to bring peace of mind to all clients because each product and solution is designed for maximum efficiency while providing safety to what is being stored and personnel. The range of steel cagespallet cages, storage cagesand other storage solutions provide heavy industrial high-risk operations with rated and engineered innovations and solutions in storing equipment, spares, and parts. Close client collaboration is maximised to bring out the best innovations and dependable solutions.

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For your custom storage cage solutions, talk to us at Daywalk.

We’re a specialist supplier

DAYWALK is a dependable and specialist supplier because we engineer all solutions for maximum performance that suits the needs of the client. We understand that the clients want peace of mind from every solution they use for storage, and so, Daywalk takes considerable effort to use tried and tested solutions, no matter how innovative, to serve even the most demanding conditions.

If a client has storage applications that require something different, the in-house team at DAYWALK will engineer and create specifications for those special applications/requirements. Using the company’s experienced custom-fabrication, logistics engineering, and design capabilities, engineered storage solutions can be specially designed to ensure complete safety and compliance with government standards.

Some of these effective solutions can be seen in the DAYWALK Patented Transport System and Steel Pallet Modular System. 

In-house expertise in design and verification

No company can flourish – especially in these pandemic times – unless it has an exact reading on its real-time storage and warehousing status, if possible, 24/7. Ongoing processes of storage and warehouse performance may also need to be improved to create better efficiencies that will minimise waste and maximise output. Thus, the DAYWALK professional team can help clients identify their unique challenges and possible opportunities and together collaboratively create strategic storage solutions that can deliver on mutually confirmed and budgetary objectives and performance.

This is why Daywalk’s range of storage solutions are designed to take a beating no matter the environment or type of warehouse. Daywalk solutions are now known globally for being rated and engineered to take on the elements while staying compliant to relevant Australian government standards, as well as keeping both stored items and workers in maximum safety. The Daywalk combination of storage engineering and experience means that our storage solutions are designed and manufactured to cover the needs of clients whether storage is indoors, outdoors, and high-bay racking.

World-class delivery and installation

All DAYWALK and client collaboration are challenges that are approached with the full knowledge that once the storage challenge is solved, there is the opportunity to ensure the safety of both people and products. It is this world-class calculated approach that continues to lead Daywalk to discover, deliver, and install world-class innovative solutions for some of the world’s largest multinationals in the heavy industry sector, particularly with oil and gas, and mining.


Whatever storage solution you need, from storage cages, steel cages, to pallet cages and other storage products, you only need the DAYWALK name. This is because our commitment and service for our customers go beyond products. All innovations are done to protect your people while keeping you way above the legal levels of compliance standards. Curious about the DAYWALK name? Find out more HERE. You can discuss your needs with us by calling 1300 662 987. You can also send your enquiries through our CONTACT PAGE.