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Storage Solutions with Metal Cages: The Double-Width International Cage

Storage facilities face a lot of issues with managing stock. In most cases, stacking or racking stock generally suffices. However, in the case of irregularly-shaped equipment, inventory, or critical parts, plain stacking or racking won’t work. Gear can measure anywhere from 112000mm up to 2.2m, or longer – leaving them out in the open leads to liabilities with possible damage and injury.

Generally speaking, the simple solution to storage issues with oversized equipment is to dismantle the equipment down to smaller parts that fit into Australian standard pallet cages. Metal cages such as the Omni-tuff International 500mm or 800mm single-width cage can provide sufficient storage in these instances.

Another option for long components is to remove the front and back gates of the single-width International Cage, then stack the long lengths out of each end of the cage. This provides mid-length support for the middle of the components while leaving the ends unsupported. This set-up is ideal for work-in-process applications.

On the other hand, this set-up won’t be useful for storing hosing, such as hydraulic hoses. Pre-made hydraulic hoses that are intended as parts for hydraulic breakdowns need their own storage set-up. The ideal set-up is a hook system where the hoses can hang within the racking or from a backboard.

Another option is metal cages, such as the Omni-tuff Double-Width International Cage. The Double-Width Omni-tuff International Cage is excellent for rollers, long light bulbs, large pieces of critical spares, bulky items, and even small to medium rolls for conveyor belts.

The Omni-tuff Double-Width International Cage is the result of intensive research and design, and it shows through in its aesthetics, cage accessibility, and product security, catering to oversize items such as warehouse equipment and critical spares.

The Double-width International Cage has solid sheeted floor additional security precautions for goods storage. It’s also Australian Standard Pallet Racking-compatible, with lock-in safety features that ensure the cage won’t slip off racking beams when being lifted and moved around using a forklift. As well, despite being double the width of the Single-Width International Cage, the Double-Width International Cafe fits comfortably into a standard double bay racking opening (typically around 2600mm).

The Double-width International Cage is also fully pallet racking-compatible, and can easily fit cross-ways in a shipping container.

As well, the Double-Width International Cage is equipped with Safety Under-Rails. If there is a possibility of the cage capsizing while being transported by a forklift, the safety under-rails hold the cage in place, until the cage can be put down on firm ground again and the adjusted load can be evenly redistributed. This safety feature is a benefit to end-users as an additional security feature for storing equipment.

The Omni-tuff Double-width International Cage is also a fully collapsible unit. It can be assembled or disassembled single-handedly – no tools are required for this process. Because the disassembly is quick, end-users can maximise the warehouse space by dismantling and stacking the bins up to seven stacks high while not in use. Based on the foot and post design, the International Cage can be stacked safely and efficiently, whether assembled or disassembled.

The Double-width International Cage is hot-dip-galvanised, providing a ruggedised unit for those harsh environments. The solid steel floor mesh cage design adds to the heavy-duty capabilities of the International Cage. The Double-width International Cage also has removable front and rear gates, assuring multifunctional accessibility.

Finally, for jobs requiring higher levels of security, the Double-width International Cage comes with a lockable lid, which means that the International Cage is ideal for secure drop shipments around sites at specific locations, using a master-key system.

These are just the key features of the Omni-tuff Double-Width International Cage.