Pallet cages or steel cage pallets are metal racks or pallets that are used to hold goods off the floor. Initially, in the early 20th century, they were called casks when they were still made out of wood and oak. Early steel cage pallets were only used to keep goods from touching the floor. Later, pallet cages or skids that were fitted or manufactured with enclosures or ventilated sides were tailored explicitly for materials or equipment intended to be carried inside the metal cage.

Some pallet cage designs are manufactured for stacking purposes. Metal cages are mostly used to transport goods, materials, or equipment without the need to load and unload what is carried inside the cage. This saves time and decreases the chance of damaging what is inside the pallet cage.

Pallet cages can also be used for long-term storage of assets, materials, spare parts, tools, and heavy equipment, whether in a warehouse or outside.

Any company – industrial or transportation provider – looking for metal cages or pallet cages should look into Daywalk’s sturdy and well-designed metal pallet cages that are ideal for any industrial budget. When it comes to storage and handling solutions, Daywalk is THE company. All their pallet cages have assured durability and are designed with extras like anti-tipping bars, mesh sides, and sheet flooring. All Daywalk pallet cages are easily stackable and can be easily moved by forklift or pallet jack.

Take a look at the range of Daywalk metal pallet cages:

International Stillage 300mmH, 500mmH and 800mmH

Highly durable and economical solutions that are stackable and forklift/pallet trolley compatible. Can be used for all warehousing and logistics needs. Four-way pallet racking system, anti-tipping bars, two removable half fold-down gates, and one half-fold lockable lid.

International Stillage 1420mmH

Highly durable and economical solution that can be transported by pallet trolley or forklift, and is stackable. It’s a pallet cage for storing or stacking other pallets because its oversized body allows for standard pallets to be inserted without unpacking. It’s collapsible and easily stored away without taking up too much space. Anti-tipping bars, removable half fold-down lockable lids.

Daywalk Shield Collapsible International Pallet Stillage (Double Width)

The Double Width is one of Daywalk’s new line of pallet cages. Pallet racking compatible, half fold-down gates, anti-tipping bars, galvanised, mesh sides, sheeted floor for added strength and reliability, forklift and pallet jack compatible, fully collapsible, and fits well in shipping containers.

VisionMod Pallet Cage Steel 300mmH, 500mmH and 800mmH

The VisionMod Pallet cage is your economical and flexible cage partner. It comprises 3 different sizes – from 300mmH to 800mmH, and includes 2 hinged and removable gates for ease of stock picking.

For more information and details or to get in touch with an Daywalk representative, visit the Daywalk website. Daywalk specialises in long-term preservation, storage, and protection in order to prevent wastage.

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