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The Cost of Compliance vs. Non-Compliance

The question often comes up as to the cost of compliance versus non-compliance. So, why should you invest in a compliant system rather than just going for a non-compliant and probably cheaper option. The answer is to save lives and to have the assurance that you have done everything in your power to prevent a fatal accident from occurring. 

So, the cost of compliance is a small price to pay if you’re comparing it with the price of a life, because life is precious. You cannot put a value on the price of a life, or multiple lives lost, as a result of something coming off the back of a truck in an emergency breaking event. 

You might say, well, I’ll just get something knocked up at a local fab shop and is DAYWALK saying that that can’t be done, or is the law saying that that can’t be done? The law does not say it is mandatory that you have a certified frame, but as one eminent gentleman in the industry said, ‘How do you prove when you are in court that that frame was indeed compliant? What is there to prove, is there the paperwork or a certification to prove that the frame that we transported a multi-tonne component on was indeed compliant?’ 

There might be a few more dollars saved in a non-engineered, non-certified, non-transport rated frame, compared to a frame where there’s been full design engineering, finite element analysis and third-party verification on the whole design, but the risk is not worth taking.

So, all in all the price or investment of proactive compliance is a very worthwhile investment compared to something where you can’t be sure, because you can’t be assured of safety and compliance when something has just been knocked up and not properly certified.