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The Thirds Rule: How to achieve best-in-class “Asset Preservation”

What is asset preservation?

Assets are the materials, equipment, spare parts, and even tools that need to be kept in great condition during long-term storage for use in the future. With the majority of parts and equipment in long-term storage having bare metal surfaces, these assets if left exposed will finally return to their original state which is an ore from the ground. Therefore, these assets require anti-corrosion protection using Daywalk’s three-thirds method that goes beyond just using an outer cover and utilises the SKN rust protectant and VCI based materials.

When assets are vulnerable in prolonged storage, Daywalk’s Three-Thirds method for rust-prevention utilises the best materials and the best way to protect your assets.


The First Third is Surface Protection

For preservation to be fully effective, any trace of rust must be removed from bare metal surfaces, and the surface protected against the onset of rust.

SKN Peelable Coating

SKN45 is an easy-to-peel and fast-drying surface protection coating for the protection of bare metal surfaces against oxidation due to moisture that brings about rust and corrosion. It is a heavy-duty membrane that is easily applied by paintbrush and is fast drying. It will not allow any moisture or rust creep, and is easily peeled off when the metal part needs to be used. Another similar product, SKN20 is specially formulated for the protection of stainless steel and other alloys. SKN45 also comes in Aerosol form to make it easier to apply to bare metal surfaces.


This new Daywalk VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) product is used on internal surfaces like engine sumps and fuel tanks to prevent the metal from rusting.


The Second Third is Atmospheric Conditioning

This involves the space inside the cover being managed to protect against moisture having access to the parts or equipment being stored. Outer covers can breathe, allowing in microscopic moisture particles that can cause condensation during changing daily temperatures therefore leaving the parts susceptible to moisture. This protection can be achieved through:

VCI Desiccants

As an important volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) solution, VCI Desiccants achieve double atmospheric conditioning through emitting VCI and acting as an effective drying agent to protect packaging and goods in storage against condensation and moisture. These desiccants have a coverage of 10g/ cu ft.

VCI Emitters

Emitters are vapour corrosion inhibitors designed to prevent corrosion of metal parts and components enclosed in electronic or electrical panels, toolboxes, equipment, and packages. These emitters come in different sizes including 1, 5 and 10cu ft. capacity with the same concentrated VCI that provides corrosion resistance.

VCI Powder 

This is a highly concentrated VCI. The powder pouches are used inside outer wraps such as shipping containers and equipment covers in high humidity environments. The se 1g VCI powder bags have a coverage of approximately 1g/ cu ft.


The Last Third is Outer Wraps

Another protection factor is the protective outer covering. These coverings protect against the direct weather and serve as a protection barrier against the elements.

Reusable Covers

These reusable covers are a sustainable solution which can be utilised many times over, eliminating the need to dispose of the cover after it is finished protecting one part or piece of equipment. Some of Daywalk’s reusable covers can last for upwards of 10 years in harsh conditions with some of our models even including VCI impregnated into the inside fabric, providing for protection for up to 4 years with complete rust protection.

VCI Shrink Film

This shrink film is both UV stabilised and contains VCI that migrates from the plastic to form a microscopic film over metal surfaces to prevent rust. This plastic film also minimises UV penetration that can damage perishable items such as rubber-based materials. This solution isn’t a barrier film so if it is cut the VCI can up to an extent, self-heal to maintain part protection.


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