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The Way to Create Complete Preservation Effectiveness

How do you create complete preservation effectiveness? Effectiveness means providing full protection and safety to any load and cargo being transported or in storage. This effectiveness becomes doubly essential if heavy machinery, parts, and equipment are involved. Complete preservation means providing the most effective products with a wide array of choices for different loads and cargo. This can range from VCI or UV films, bags and covers, reusable covers, and atmospheric conditioning protectors such as VCI emitters and VCI desiccants.

The DAYWALK range of preservation protection

VCI/UV Preservation:

  • Plastic Tubing – This volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) plastic tube can be cut and sealed to form a protective layer over metal to protect against rust. It is heat sealable.
  • UV White Block Shrink Sheet – Comes in different sizes and can be heat shrunk around any critical metal spares or equipment to protect against the weather, UV heat, and rust.
  • UV/VCI Pallet Bag – Shrink heavy duty pallet bags are designed to fit over pallet loads. They can be shrink-wrapped for transport or storage.
  • UV/VCI Flat Top Engine Bags – This is the best solution for protecting engines and large industrial equipment. They provide rust and weather protection, and the heat shrinking means using less plastic.
  • UV/VCI Component Bags and Resealable Bags – These bags provide rust protection for smaller metal components while in storage or being transported.
  • UV/VCI Stretch Film – This is ideal for applications that require added protection for equipment and spares against the weather, extreme heat, and rust protection.

Reusable Covers:

  • Reusable Engine Cover – Made from highly durable material that is UV resistant and fully waterproof. Comes in various thickness, sizes, colours, and even eyelets and rope ties for a secure hold. All reusable covers have options for custom sizes, Velcro sides, lifting lugs, zipped sides, A4 ID pouch, and label printing.
  • Reusable Crusher Cover – Ideal for crushes and other cage sized equipment or loads. Protects against dust, rain, heat, and rust formation.
  • Reusable Pulley Cover – All reusable covers are made of the same durable and reliable material to protect against dust, rain, heat, extreme weather, and rust formation.
  • Reusable VCI Covers – This cover uses cutting-edge naval grade technology to deliver maximum VCI protection for medium to long-term preservation for transporting or storage.
  • Reusable Pallet Cover – Offering the same protection as other reusable covers, pallet covers can be customised to fit any pallet size or load height.
  • Reusable Cylinder Cover – Offering the same protection and options as other reusable covers.

 VCI Protection:

  • VCI Paper – Offers maximum VCI protection for multi-metals like ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The paper has the capacity to absorb humidity.
  • VCI Barrier Foil – This is a VCI flexible barrier solution for protecting equipment against rust and moisture transmission, physical damage, UV heat, oils, acids, and alkaline.
  • VCI Desiccants – These come in 1g and 100g pouches and bags to absorb moisture when used within outer wraps in high humidity environments.
  • VCI Emitters – Designed to prevent corrosion of metal parts and components enclosed in electrical panels, toolboxes, equipment, and packages.

DAYWALK preservation effectiveness

When it comes to product and load preservation using VCI or UV protection during transportation or storage, DAYWALK’s range of complete preservation products assures protection against the elements and rust. All DAYWALK preservation products provide maximum effectiveness because the company has been in the business for more than 40 years. Call us on 1300 662 987, and let’s discuss your next project or any special needs. You can also enquire from us HERE.