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Top Tips to Stay Safe When Handling PET Strap

With a break strength of up to 770kg, you can depend on PET Strap. A high tensile break strength and fast and easy application make PET strapping your best bet for fast-paced and heavy-duty strapping operations. For most strapping jobs, not just any material will do the trick. PET strapping is the ultimate choice, in terms of speed and economy. In spite of everything, you still need to handle PET strapping, or any strapping for that matter, like polywoven, in the safest way possible.


Use the Correct Protective Gear

When handling any load while strapping down with PET or polywoven, be sure to have the right protective equipment. It doesn’t matter if you’re strapping down the load or just unpacking it. When handling any type of strapping, be sure to wear gloves. Even if PET or polywoven have no sharp edges, it’s better to be careful with your hands. Besides, when handling strapping tools, you definitely need to wear gloves. Even the smallest injuries can slow anyone on the job because one will need to stop and administer first aid on the wound. For additional safety, be sure to wear long sleeves and long trousers to protect your arms and legs. Wear eye protection safety glasses as well since you never know if the strap might whip at your face. Lastly, consider a hard hat and safety shoes if there’s a chance of any falling tools and goods.


Use the Correct Strapping Tools

Working with PET and polywoven strapping also means using specialised tools. For PET strapping from DAYWALK, use one of the Daywalk ITA tools – ITA21 or ITA25. Daywalk also offers Strapping Lances and Mobile Dispensers. The correct strapping tools make the job of tensioning, cutting, and sealing much easier, so use the tools specifically designed for the job to keep you safe.

Keep Workspaces Clean and Clear

Tidy workspaces contribute to safety when working with strapping. A cluttered workspace contributes to injuries. Be sure to clean as you go at the end of the workday, including disposing of used strapping properly – DAYWALK PET Strap is recyclable but be sure to confirm with your local waste disposal service. Never leave strapping lying around where your co-workers could slip on it and cause injuries.

Are you looking for more information about PET strap and other strapping material? Contact the team at DAYWALK to get the latest advice for your business about maximum safety and efficiency when using strapping.