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Transport and Warehouse Concerns Can be Solved by Steel Pallet Cages

In many industries and distributors, including the Australian Armed Forces, there is usually a central distribution warehouse that is called the “base.” This central “base” often has multiple drop points, and some can be a far distance from the base.


During the transit period from base to drop point to the receiver, some problems may occur such as goods, spares, or components getting stolen, lost, or sustaining some damage. The weather could also be a concern: a sudden torrential downpour, freezing temperature, a hailstorm, or a summer heatwave can also play havoc on sensitive components and spares.


These are just a few of the concerns when it comes to transportation or storage factors in the transits between plant to warehouse to receiver and to another warehouse. To address most, if not all, of these problems, one must consider high-quality storage systems as a solution. This is where Daywalk comes in.


The Daywalk range of steel pallet cages are perfectly designed and manufactured so they can house standard hardwood pallets. These pallet cages have sturdy fixed mesh sides to suit every kind of transportation and warehouse requirements. These cages are designed to provide the sturdy and rigid support required to support uneven containers, such as drums or containers containing dangerous or chemical liquids. The cages are also suitable for supporting uneven spares, components, or products.

 pallet cages

Daywalk steel pallet cages can be purchased with an accompanying hardwood pallet. These cages are compatible with all forklifts for handling purposes. The pallet cages can be stacked on top of each other and can be easily dismantled and stacked for secure flat storage, taking up very little space in any port or warehouse.


These Daywalk steel pallet cage models have fixed heights and lift-off and removable gates:

VisionMod Pallet Cage 300mmH with 2 gates

VisionMod Pallet Cage 500mmH with 2 gates

VisionMod Pallet Cage 800mmH with 2 gates


These Daywalk steel pallet cages are full steel and come in a variety of sizes:

International Cage 300mmH

International Cage 500mmH

International Cage 800mmH

Double International Cage 800mmH

Oversized International Cage 1420mm x 1420mm


The Daywalk pallet cages with lift-off gates provide effortless access to any products or goods inside the cage for easy inspection and identification of goods or in case some items need to be taken out or brought in.


To get more information about Daywalk pallet cages and metal cages or to request for a quote, enquire at their website, https://daywalk.com/.