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Why use Metal Cages for transport?

Metal cages used in the transportation of various goods are the best solution for temporary storage. Whether it’s in the form of steel enclosed cages with doors, stillages, collapsible pallets, or bi-fold cages, these are the storage/transport solutions that are mobile and easily lifted by a forklift. Metal cages are easy to shift and manoeuvre even in the tight spaces of trailer trucks or cargo holds in ships.


Aside from being storage solutions for warehouses, metal cages serve a vital function in shifting goods from one place to another. When there is a need to distribute smaller goods to retailers or transport parcel goods, the original option is to use the wooden pallet. However, with the advent of metal cages, these cages could be used over and over again without the need for a replacement since they offer significantly more durability than wood.


Another factor that makes steel pallet cages a better investment is that there is its engineer rating. This is because metal cages are able to be designed and engineered, ensuring you are covered for compliance for transporting and storing heavy equipment.


Benefits of Metal Cages for Temporary Storage

Metal cages offer the utmost protection for any goods or materials being transported. Even if metal cages are stacked, the goods inside remain safe, secured, and well protected. Products will not spill out or overhang.


Metal Mesh Sides

The side of most metal cages is metallic mesh, offering the advantage not only of durability but the fact that anything placed inside metal cages is safe and secure when transported by land or sea.


Metal Cages in the Logistics Business

The right tools can make a difference. Such is the case when using metal cages because they make work in the transport and logistics sector more efficient and at a higher standard. The right tools like metal cages are simple solutions to the many issues that logistics organisations have to face. Some of these issues include space in a busy warehouse environment. The Omni-tuff cage solves this with its rating for being stacked 4 high.


When the business is logistics, the primary concern of the company is with the client’s goods and products and the need to ensure secure transport. In the logistics business, it is not an easy task to take responsibility for tons of cargo and goods every day and making sure that all arrive in safe condition without issue.


Whatever transportation or shipping business one is running, there are a few things to consider when choosing the best metal cages because there are different types of metal cage pallets for different uses:

  • Consider the shape and size of the products or goods. Diameter, shape, weight, and the like should be considered when looking up metal cages.
  • Choose the best metal cages that suit the mode of transportation. A metal cage solution for a delivery truck is different for a heavy trailer truck, and more so for a cargo ship freighter.
  • Consider how fragile the products are.


When it comes to choices in shipping or transporting goods, choose a good company that specialises in the preservation and long-term protection of critical products for shipping. Choose a company that is passionate about preventing wastage. Choose to visit Omni-tuff at https://daywalk.com/.