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The Value of Proper Warehouse Training

A comprehensive training program can do wonders for the safety of a warehouse and its crew. Training minimises human errors, which is the leading cause of accidents and injuries in any workplace. It lessens the risks of the three categories of mistakes that can occur: employees doing what they shouldn’t (commission), employees not doing what they should (omission), and employees not knowing whether or not to do something (ignorance).


With this in mind, the best step to take in avoiding human error is comprehensive and frequent education and training. Investing in safety training can lower workplace risks of accidents and injuries by as much as ten per cent, in turn reducing lost productivity and resources due to missed workdays and workers’ compensation.


On the other hand, companies that have inadequately managed their safety training programs for their employees have higher rates of accidents and injuries compared to companies that are diligent with their safety training.


Formulating a training plan or program can be challenging. Knowing where to start is a step in the right direction, and this article aims to help. Below are critical points that any safety training program should be able to tackle and educate workers on.



Safety training is the most effective when employees are aware of their responsibilities. Teaching workers clearly and adequately about what their jobs entail and what they’re responsible for ensures that they’re aware of their obligations regarding safety and productivity. If every worker in a warehouse knows what falls under their responsibility and what doesn’t, the risk of incidents by commission, omission, and ignorance are considerably lowered.



Core values are the principles by which a company operates. In teaching workers about the company’s core values, as well as their company mission and vision, workers are empowered to conduct daily tasks in line with the company’s values. This also boosts morale, as employees will understand the purpose of their work.



Work ethics are an essential value to instil in a workforce, and one of the best ways to teach this to workers is through training. Discipline in a workplace lowers the risks of mistakes being committed, as they will have learned to do their work ethically and to follow their training and orientation.



This is perhaps the most practical part of any training. Training employees on how to operate the tools and equipment which they’re intended to use for work is a crucial part of the work process. In knowing how a machine is designed to work and how to operate it, accidents due to mistakes of commission and ignorance can be significantly minimised, in turn improving a company’s safety levels. For example, if employees are supposed to secure tools in cabinets and metal cages, they must be taught the proper means of doing so.



Train employees on how to respond to emergencies calmly and orderly. It’s crucial for employees to know what to do in the event of a fire, for example, or some other incident. Educate employees on emergency responses through regular orientations and drills. Instil in them the importance of remaining calm under duress, as well. Knowing how to conduct themselves in the face of an accident just as important as having the necessary training on how to respond to the accident, as a panicked state lends to mistakes being committed during crucial moments of responding to an emergency.


Whether it’s in using metal cages or operating tools, a comprehensive training program can do wonders for the safety of a warehouse and its crew.


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