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How VCI Technology Works in Daywalk Plastics

VCI or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor technology and how it works is actually very simple. It has to be kept simple since it only has one objective: To prevent the formation of rust and corrosion, or at least from spreading.


Corrosion can cause considerable damage to fabricated metal parts, as well as in mining spares, computer parts, mobile phones, and virtually anything that is a bare metal surface. During manufacturing, storage, and shipping, corrosion can also happen, so corrosion protection is vitally needed. Corrosion inhibiting packaging will guarantee that metal components can meet the required levels of purity before assembly or further processing.


Corrosion is the result of oxidation, moisture, or destructive elements coming in contact with the metal surface. Common materials traditionally used for corrosion protection such as oil, grease, or paint are costly to apply and are harmful to the environment. VCI technology works at the molecular level to protect metal surfaces against corrosion.


VCI technology works by creating an invisible molecular protection layer on metal surfaces. Corrosion inhibitors migrate out of the packaging products such as paper, emitters, gel, heat shrink plastic, etc. and into the packaging environment where the metal parts are packed. The packaging environment is eventually saturated with the corrosion inhibitor, and a thin molecular protection layer sticks to the metal surface. VCI inhibitors can penetrate all metal surfaces, including recessed areas, holes, and other nooks and crannies.


Metal parts come in all shapes, sizes, and weights. For this reason, Corrosion Inhibiting technology is available in different forms. View the full range. 


Daywalk is a market leader in helping industries preserve their essential equipment and spares. This is vital, especially in global industrial companies that encompass mining, oil and gas, and defence. VCI technology from Daywalk may be utilised individually or as a group using a unique 4-step preservation methodology to prevent corrosion and moisture damage.


Daywalk long-term heat shrink plastic has triple protection measures. The UV stabiliser protects for long periods. The corrosion inhibitor reduces corrosion formation. Its heat shrinkable property provides excellent restraining qualities for critical spares and equipment in transit.

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