If left untreated, rust can cause extensive damage through deterioration and the weakening of metallic bonds. What results is either work stoppage due to equipment failure or unwanted accidents that could result in injuries or fatalities of workers. Rust causes millions of dollars of damage each year. This is why DAYWALK believe that a large percentage of rust-related costs can be avoided with the correct prevention and treatment solutions, such implementing the use of polyvinyl protective coatings, silica gel and VCI technology.

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Rust is the enemy of safety

Rust is the common term used for the corrosion and oxidation of iron and steel alloys. It is caused when the iron and steel react with oxygen and water – a reaction called oxidation. Thus, you could say that most types of rust occur because of any contact with water or moisture, no matter how small.

Aside from water and moisture, other factors like changes in temperature, increased humidity, and geographical elements (location near the sea or frequently rainy weather) can all contribute to the start of rust.

According to Jonathan Waldman in his book, Rust: The Longest War, “Rust has knocked down bridges, killing dozens, it’s killed at least a handful of people at nuclear power plants, nearly caused reactor meltdowns… It has shut down the largest oil pipelines, rendered military jets and ships unfit for service, and torn apart the fuselage of a commercial plane mid-flight.”

Cost from rust damage can be astronomical

For most industrial nations like Australia, the average cost of rust and corrosion damage is between 3.4% and 4.5% of their GDP. Repairs and replacement parts because of rust and corrosion can be truly costly. Rust can make equipment or parts unusable in mere moments. Again, rust damage costs can be avoided or at least lessened with the proper rust prevention treatments such as those implemented by DAYWALK.

Safety risks of rust

Rust can cause a plethora of problems in any industry. For instance, it can cause brittleness, thus endangering the safety of users, especially with equipment used in the oil and gas industry. Rust can also affect the lifespan of specific metal parts, and so, will have to be replaced or repaired. In large, whether a small nut or bolt or a large piece of equipment is damaged, work stoppage occurs, cost is incurred, time is wasted and worker’s safety is put at risk.

Don’t let rust corrode your company

When a company has ineffective rust prevention management, rusted equipment, parts, materials, and tools can damage reputations and endanger lives. This can also negatively impact the confidence of both employees and clients, leading to commercial losses as well. 

So, when it comes to rust prevention management, you can entrust your needs to the experts. DAYWALK not only has world-class rust prevention products like VCI heat shrink plastic, desiccants and emitters, but also the experienced experts who can help you with a personalised, integrated rust prevention plan or strategy. 

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